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Perhaps you have found your self hysterically weeping in a fast-food joint’s parking lot, your best buddy at the same time attempting to hand-feed both you and hold your hair back even though you yell, « get myself out! How will I previously go on? I’ll never love once again! » through snotty tears? Or have you been … maybe not gay?

Ah, heartbreak! The reason tracks are sung and paintings are painted, the motivation behind large art like

Romeo and Juliet


Red (Taylor’s Variation)

. I thought I’d observed everything, felt all the pain. But then we
began dating ladies
— and unfortunately, something they forget about to mention at Lesbian Orientation is the fact that your first queer breakup will damage you, in a « should I end up being hospitalized because of this enormous and insurmountable suffering » type of means. At long last experiencing physically and psychologically lured (and committed) to somebody you love merely hits various.

A few weeks ago, i discovered myself personally inside throes of my personal very first lesbian breakup. I chop up my personal ex’s top into one thousand pieces, smeared dog poop all-around it, and left it to allow them to see in the front garden. I quickly retired with the comfort of my own personal depression cave (my personal sleep) and did exactly what any heartbroken Gen Z–millennial cusp should do mid-breakup: doomscroll on TikTok into the wee hours. But as I unwrapped the application and also the small FBI man during my telephone shuttled me personally right to the leading page of Lesbian TikTok, we quickly noticed the sapphic gods hadn’t merely arrive for my situation — they’d are available for us


. In the words of queer TikToker Victoria Paris,  »
The white homosexual women tend to be fighting!

Blame it on
Lesbian Break Up Curse
. Throughout the couple of days I happened to be unplugged from the internet, lying facedown to my cooking area floor and experience sorry for me, Lesbian TikTok completely imploded over a number of high-profile queer breakups that tore the #wlw area to pieces.

It seems as if all of the TikTok lesbians tend to be breaking up in addition, plus the drama makes

Appreciate Isle

look like young child’s play. According to some, the Curse was
in the beginning cast
when lesbian pop celebrity Fletcher started teasing an innovative new track from her upcoming record album,

Woman of My Hopes And Dreams

. The track, « Becky’s therefore Hot, » talks of just how hot her ex’s new sweetheart is actually and implies that she desires to learn how hot-girl Becky « tastes. » Fletcher’s ex, prominent LGBTQ YouTuber Shannon Beveridge, promptly took to TikTok herself responding into the song, clarifying that « no-one questioned permission. » Gay

Suddenly, celeb lovers which range from A-lister
JoJo Siwa
and previous sweetheart Kylie Prew, to school baseball star
Sedona Prince
and previous sweetheart Rylee LeGlue had been separating quicker than they may U-Haul to start with. As well as the gays online happened to be Eating! It! Up! There were clapback duets, incriminating comment
, not very sly travels to
, $80
literal receipts
— how can a lesbian with a regular job and a screen-time limitation on her phone perhaps ever maintain?! Well, i did so what any heartbroken lesbian needs to do at any given time in this way: we labeled as out from work, popped plenty of popcorn, got a couple of Klonopin, smashed that « disregard Limit » option, and held scrolling.

If your wanting to come at me personally for reveling into the suffering of real individuals, here’s the fact: when you are is likely to dark spot, it could feel well to look at another person’s existence break down. Normally, why do we see incredible fact programs like

Appreciation Island


90 Day Fiancé

? Actually a great old-fashioned rom-com can smack the area. Drama heals crisis, and nothing shuts your head down like projecting your own discomfort and enduring onto innocent Brits just who simply want to discover really love in a villa.

The Lesbian Breakup Curse is over just a mysterious (and perchance astrological) trend seizing our very own social-media feeds. It fulfills a need for content that is relatable, realistic, and highly relevant to the queer society. When I was actually eventually able to secure my telephone, dried out my personal rips, put on some chunky platform footwear, and make the L.A. lesbian club scene by storm, the No. 1 subject of conversation had been, predictably, the Curse. This might be our Ultra Bowl.

Lesbian representation into the mass media is minimal (and dubious!) at best, and when you are considering mindless homosexual break up content material, it really is thin pickings for all of us queers. This obsession making use of private internet dating lives of lesbian women is due to a desperation for really great homosexual television. Whenever we had a lesbian dating tv series including carabiners, the Woods on a Wednesday night, and taking a trip 12 hrs and three-time areas for a primary big date, we wouldnot require to concentrate plenty on a « curse » that has been discussed for all of us on TikTok.

Thus yes, it is true I was a prey from the Lesbian separation Curse (apparently, it hits people with fewer than 100 supporters on TikTok, as well), nevertheless pulled me personally right up by the bootstraps, slapped me personally around a few times, got me personally through the dog-poop phase, and assisted myself get some necessary point of view. Indeed, In my opinion I’ll loan my personal whole recuperation towards Curse — we gays truly carry the other person up, you should not we? And these are lifting right up, not stress, no exes had been damaged into the authorship of your story. Actually, after half a session of partners treatment and one Phoebe Bridgers show, we’re not just exes anymore. (Gay, i understand.)