The New First: MacPaw Opens Office in Boston


MacPaw accepts refund requests if they’re made within 30 days of when the product was purchased. However, they will not accept the refund unless the purchase was made fraudulently. To avoid dissatisfaction, MacPaw allows users to try each of their products before they purchase them. You can download a demo version of their applications to see if you really like them.

Their potential of causing OS X issues outweighs the implied good and benefits these types of hard drive or memory « cleaning » apps are written to do. The platform offers a number of different applications like cleaning software, VPN, security software, etc. The customer support provided by the company is rather professional and speedy. So are these software applications provided by MacPaw worth investing in?

CleanMy® PC will not receive new features and regular updates.

Created in Ukraine in 2008, MacPaw is a well-known developer of maintenance and utility software for Apple products. The brand started as a simple student project by founder and current CEO Oleksandr Kosovan, and now sells a range of software and applications. Rather than selling any hardware, MacPaw is centered around own-brand products that help optimize the performance of other applications such as CleanMyMac, ClearVPN & Gemini photo manager. The company estimates that 1 in 5 Macs has a MacPaw app installed, and the brand has received recognition from a number of the world’s biggest tech publications. Although MacPaw is oriented toward Apple users (as suggested by the name), the company does also offer a few products that support Windows users.


You can visually spot the largest space-wasters to quickly free up space on Mac. We are thrilled to offer Fixel Font by MacPaw to both our global and Ukrainian communities for free. However, if you feel inclined to give something back, we would greatly appreciate a small donation to the MacPaw Foundation. Your donation will help us provide immediate assistance to those in need in Ukraine. On this project, we had the privilege of collaborating with AlfaBravo, and its founder Kyrylo Tkachov. AlfaBravo is a renowned font studio, known for their work in shaping the Ukrainian typographic landscape and promoting a distinct Ukrainian voice through their typefaces.

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Add the products you want to your basket and head to the checkout when you’re ready to complete the purchase. Click this section and you’ll be able to enter your coupon details. Make sure to click « Apply » once you’ve pasted your MacPaw coupon code into the right box. To take advantage of this student discount, you’ll just need to enter your student .EDU email address to verify your student status. Once you’re verified by MacPaw as a student, you can redeem up to 30% off of your purchase.

However, the major upgrades and key functionalities cost extra upgrade charges. An alert email is sent to you to inform you of the renewal date every year. With this plan you have access to instant activation, 30-day money back guarantee, easy subscription cancellation, 24/7 technical and sales support along with secure payment encryption. With a year long subscription you get to enjoy benefits like premium support, major upgrades at no additional cost, and long-term savings.

We recommend to start with an automated Mac cleaner tool a.k.a. Smart Scan. It finds junk on your drive and suggests easy optimization tasks you can run. If you decide, you can manually select more items for deletion.

They’ll send you a MacPaw coupon code for up to 30% off products such as CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2 and Wallpaper Wizard 2. If you don’t find your school in their list of eligible email addresses, just reach out to their support staff to receive a personal discount. I wouldn’t have anything like it within 10 miles of my machines. And, just because something is available does not mean that it is endorsed; the app store is a just an online store selling all sorts of apps and Apple takes in a certain percentage of the sales.

Every feature is built intuitively with quick mouse or keyboard shortcut access. The MacPaw promo codes currently available end when MacPaw set the coupon expiration date. However, some MacPaw deals don’t have a definite end date, so it’s possible the promo code will be active until MacPaw runs out of inventory for the promotional item. Since 2009, MacPaw has been using tech expertise in OS and web software development to deliver the best apps for your Mac or Windows PC. To achieve their goal of « making useful unboring », they provide apps such as PC cleaners, Mac wallpapers, virus protection and file finders.

It is best to never, EVER download and install these types of apps. CleanMy® PC will clean the junk and boost your computer’s performance. As the name suggests, with one time purchase you can buy CleanMyMac X as well as use it for a lifetime.

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I just read this thread since my mom downloaded clean my mac and got us in this pickle. Can you please tell me how I can manually clean off the mac so as to avoid this malware issue. I will of course delete the cleaning program as well. This might seem intuitive to most, but again I’m a beginner.

We want to be even closer to our clients and potential partners by establishing an office in Boston. The USA is a key market for us, with about 40% of our product users living in the United States. A physical presence in the country will help forge new connections with the technological and business communities, marking an evolutionary step in the company’s development. Create a team, invite your team and everyone gets seamlessly the updates.

Our primary team remains in Kyiv as we continue to develop our Ukrainian hub actively. You can save money at MacPaw by using one of the current MacPaw coupons from Slickdeals. These types of apps appear in the Mac App Store, primarily, becuase they are apps that work without installing any system hooks and extensions into the main OS X system folder. Do your due diligence and research these before you post any more of your opinions on these types of apps. There are better, more controlled ways of cleaning out data detritus out of Mac than using one of these automated style « cleaning » apps. Some of those features may be differently supported in the next OS update, or are largely useless in your work flow.

During the event, guests learned about the conditions under which Ukrainians live and continue to work during the war. Our specialists shared the secrets of providing uninterrupted, high-quality user services despite bombardments and blackouts. A highlight of the opening was a tech exhibit of Apple vintage devices.

Update all your apps in one sweep, including the macOS itself. Everything is refreshed, and you can see what’s been added in each update. Scroll to the bottom of the MacPaw store page and find the section labeled “Already have a coupon code”. The VPN service lets you connect to the internet safely, secure online interactions, browse and access content and so much more to provide a seamless internet experience.


And because we know how important it is to keep your work safe, everyone can work on a separate branch and merge changes only when ready; it’s almost as powerful as Git and as smooth as real-time sync. Building great software is hard, and developer tools should be helping you without the headaches. RapidAPI for Mac is exclusively built for macOS, so you should easily get the hang of it.

Plus, these type of apps aren’t really necessary OR needed. There are exceptions, however, those need to be used with great care and are really nothing more than a GUI front end to standard UNIX utilities that are already built into OS X. Some give you a graphic wrapper over Unix command line functions, or access hidden functions the OS is capable of, like adding double arrows to your scroll bars. Its like a huckster telling you that you had gout, or cancer, but now its all gone, all cured… They all tell you that they have saved you Gigs of space, but how that was accomplished is often dicey. (That’s the most usual source–at least you didn’t pay full price).

We’ll keep this page updated with the latest MacPaw Black Friday savings, so check in regularly. CleanMyMac X has passed the evaluation tests and notarization with Apple, which depicts the reliability of an app and guarantees that it is free from malicious aspects and therefore is safe for deploying. CleanMyMac’s safety, quality, and compliance with Apple’s software standards. Launched in 2009, MacPaw is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, with offices at multiple locations including one in San Francisco, USA and Cork, Ireland. The active user community of MacPaw exceeds the volume of 30 million customers all around the world.

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